I’m Tesla-man!


“If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world.”


All right

He goes his way as the seemingly simple yet enigmatic life presents a labyrinth characterised by paradoxes and ambiguities to him. He keeps no regrets. Because he knows very well that if his work seems hard, it means that he is doing it all right.
Optimism, Patriotic, Poetry

Pakistan of Youth

(Originally published at Revolution Flame)PAKISTAN-FLAG

Pakistan! my dear homeland,
You do not need to worry,
For one day you will stand,
In the row of peace and glory.

Though the present conditions are bad,
And corruption is prevailing everywhere,
But you need not be sad,
As we will spread joy everywhere.

We, the youth, have the power,
Power to prove our noble claim.
We are the perfume of your flower;
We will bring you everlasting fame.

Then you will be proud,
Of the progress you’ll make;
And by prosperity, you’ll shroud,
For we will die for your sake!

~Muhammad Hamza Waseem

Nonfiction, Optimism, Revolution

Radiate Love!

Having a glimpse of the present day conditions of the world, I cannot help quoting Eliot’s words,

“We are the hollow men

We are the stuffed men”

It seems as if hatred, tyranny, oppression and greed have vanquished the cavalries of love, kindness and peace. At every corner of the world, the requiems for the defeated army of love are being sung. The evil forces were never armipotent, but the crypters of love got weak and yielded to the opponent’s strategies. But trust me; I am more than sure that the war is not lost yet.

No matter how baleful the situation may seem, there is always a way to turn the tables on the forces of evil. The infallible fact is that the valediction of the commanders of love is plainly impossible. These commanders, at times, may lose some expeditions and that too, only due to the immaturity of some of their army men.

The first objective, in this context, is that all these warriors of light need to exhale all the doubts haunting their minds. Second, their faith has to be amplified in the power of love. Love is something infectious. Once its gears are turned on in the right direction, it does not stop until its highly cherished aroma prevails everywhere en plein air (in the open air).

keep-calm-and-radiate-love-2 (1)

The flower of life is simply incomplete in absence of the nectar of love. It is love that welcomes everyone to sit in front of the hearth and warm their toes.

Some people deem love to be a mystical doctrine, which is utterly false. It is a universal language, whose inflorescence can promote smiles. The essence of this promotion is caring and caressing.

There are people who hanker after love. All we need to do is spread love and enrich their cups of life. We can even contribute our share with little steps like doing deeds of kindness, speaking kindly to others, making others smile, hugging often, encouraging others, gesturing affection etc. These little acts when combined together can work wonders. Moreover, they are transmittable. They can incinerate all the barriers set by the evil forces.take-a-smile

Does it cost too much to do these little acts? No! Then why not to make them an integral part of our lives? Let’s deforest hatred and germinate love. Let’s strive for a better world by spreading smiles. Let’s radiate love!

By: Muhammad Hamza Waseem



Note: I wrote it when I was a beginner. (Wait! I still am!)

I know a boy who is curious,
Who often makes his teachers furious,
But his ambition is quite serious,
And his mind is that of genius,

Do you want to know his name?
No, he hasn’t got any fame.
But it is just quite the same,
As one day, he’ll prove his claim.

By: Muhammad Hamza Waseem